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5 Korean Hairstyles to Look Effortlessly Beautiful


The K-wave has been here since the late 1990s, and it looks like it’s here to stay! It all started with the flourishing of Korean dramas, with moving orchestral soundtracks and the sweet, blossoming love between our favourite oppas and unnis.

These days, not a single soul would not know who BTS is, and even our older folks know the dance to Gangnam Style! Everything from Korea has found a special spot in our hearts, whether it’s Korean fashion, skincare, music, or even food!

Since the 2000s, Japanese popular media has also pulled at the heartstrings of Singaporeans, with a rise in the popularity of J-pop bands and musicians like Arashi, Utada Hikaru, and SPEED.

Animated series and films from the likes of Studio Ghibli (creators of Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle) and CoMix Wave Films (behind Your Name and Weathering With You) experienced huge success on our shores. Year after year, the Anime Festival Asia sees massive turnouts, from fans of Japanese media, fashion, and cosplayers.

While the two cultures are distinct, they share some overlapping influences and styles. When we think about improving our look, many people consider the importance of our clothes, skincare, and accessories.

Yet, there is one part of our appearance that makes a significant difference regardless of our outfits - our hair! We get it, though.

We do not always have two hours to spare in the mornings to style our hair. The fluffy, delicate curls of our favourite idols take work.

But what if we told you that there are Korean and Japanese-inspired hairstyles that are low-maintenance and takes little effort, and can make you look fabulous in 2024? Read on to find out more!


1. Hime Cut

Hime translates to princess in Japanese - a fitting name for this magical hairstyle! Despite its Japanese name, the Hime cut is a classic Korean hairstyle that is defined by a blunt cut with straight side locks, often with a frontal fringe. The result looks just like an ancient princess from a magical fairytale! In addition to having the cute effect from bangs, the straight locks of hair at the sides of the face help to create a frame, helping to emphasise your features while making your face look smaller.

To maintain this hairstyle, simply comb your hair straight, and manage the back in whatever fashion you prefer. If you are feeling particularly fancy, you may even consider using ribbons or a big bow to accessorise and add an oomph to your hairstyle for the day!


2. Hush Cut

Hush cuts are a layered long bob with airy bangs, a curtain fringe, or face-framing layers. One of the most popular tools that create aesthetic Korean hairstyles are Korea perm techniques.

Applying that to the bottom of a long layered bob results in a layered, natural, yet eye-catching look. Hush cuts are great for all ages, and creates an elegant look that is perfect for all occasions.

Whether you are going shopping with your friends and donning an adorable dress, or going for a business meeting in a formal suit, this hairstyle will make you look well-groomed and stylish.

As the hairstyle relies heavily on the curves created by the perm, you will not need to put in too much effort recreating your look for the day.


3. Korean Perm

The Korean Wave Perm is a more pronounced version of the Hush cut, and is typically longer. With stronger curls, the style looks more modern, fresh, and young, making it suitable for women who prefer a bolder look.

With Korean perm techniques, this hairstyle is easy to maintain and manage with minimal effort. We recommend experimenting with hair colours to further enhance the visibility of the curves and to maximise the impact of this hairstyle.

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4. Reverse Ombre

Let’s talk colour! In addition to picking a good hairstyle that suits your face shape and tastes, colour can be an element of hair that expresses your personality and individuality.

In Korea, the Reverse Ombre has seen a rise in popularity. Dyed hair often looks darker at the roots, because as new hair grows out, the dyed bit goes further down.

The Reverse Ombre flips this concept upside down to create an unexpected, fresh appearance. It is defined by having darker colours further away from the roots, and having the hair near the roots appear lighter. This adds visual weight to the bottom-half of your hair, and leads the eyes upwards to take in the textures of your hairstyle.

A Korean perm further enhances this concept, adding depth to the look and putting the colours in a playful dance! As this look depends heavily on the colours, and in the case of a perm, the waves of your hair, it will take very little effort to prepare in the morning.

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5. Wendy’s Sharming Cut

Wendy’s Sharming Cut, also affectionately known as the Wendy Cut, is named after Wendy, a singer and member of the wildly popular girl group, Red Velvet.

Short, layered, and fresh - that’s what the Wendy cut offers you. Add a Korean perm to add even more depth to the look and it will take 10 years off your age!

Shorter hair is typically easier to maintain than longer hair. You generally need to do less with it, and maintaining it takes a considerably shorter amount of time.

Wake up, give it a good comb, and you are good to go! Do not underestimate the impact of colouring your hair, either! Adding a gradient to your hair will help it look even more layered, preventing the ‘mushroom hair phenomenon’.

Keep experimenting

A small change can result in a big difference in our appearance. Hairstyles and trends are ever-changing, so why should we stay stagnant? Continuously experiment with new looks until you find something you love that expresses your personality the best!

After deciding on a hairstyle that fits you well, remember other tools are at your disposal to further enhance the look.

Firstly, consider a Korean perm that can add layers, curves, and depth to the shape of your hair and head. Secondly, consider trying out eye-catching combinations of colours to really make your image pop!


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