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Secrets of having

that salon curl

    having the salon curl even when doing it yourself at home    

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Wish that your hair can curl nicely like how it looks when you walk out of the salon every day? 

Apart from the temperature, most are unaware of the fact that your hair can be be seriously damaged by over exposure to the heating tool, which will worsen the hair's condition for curling moving forward.

Learn about the techniques of curling, the technicals on the temperature, what is the maximum duration your hair should be exposed to the heating tool and many more trade secrets your salon hides from you in this 1 hour session now!


Louie Ane

A South Korean native, Louie is the Art Director of Salon.B with multiple awards under his name.

Before relocating to Singapore, Louie has been honing his skills in major hair salons in South Korea with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. His speciality includes Korean perm and precision hair cutting.



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