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Louie Ahn

Art Director

Born in South Korea and currently based in Singapore, Louie was a finalist in the Wella Trend Vision Awards and continues to hone his skills through various shows and seminars.


He specialises in creating hairstyles and colours which are trendy but easy to maintain as well.


If you have visited Salon.B in Nassim Road, you would most probably have noticed a tall Korean male hairstylist with a gentle voice shuttling from client to client on his revolving chair.


This outstanding hairstylist, in terms of looks and haircutting skills, residing in one of the top Korean salons in Singapore is none other than our Art Director, Louie Ane, a very experienced hair stylist from South Korea.


Since coming from South Korea to Singapore, and winning some awards along the way, Louie has been adapting well in a top salon that, though physically in Singapore, has no lack of Korean natives.


Find out more about this Art Director of ours that finds happiness from creating new stuff, loves Laksa, and still want to work as an artist if he is not a hair stylist from the Q&A below.


Q: How many years have you been cutting hair and how much do you think you have achieved over these years?


A: I have been cutting hair for the past 9 years and to be one of the few Koreans in a top salon in Singapore is something I would feel to be an achievement already. Also, by being one of the finalists in the Wella Trend Vision Awards makes it even sweeter for me since it is a kind of recognition from fellow professionals.


Q: When did you realize that being a hairstylist is what that you want to be?


A: I always find joy in designing stuff or creatively decorating something since young. By having a sharp sense of figuring out people, I reckon it is to my advantage that I find a creative role where interaction with human beings is important. Hair styling definitely has everything that I want in one role.


Q: What makes you want to come to Singapore?


A: I wanted to improve myself and where else to settle but one of the top Korean salon in Singapore! Salon.B allows me to build the insight and gain the experience I yearn. It is not too far from where I can get my hands on one of my favorite local food, Laksa, too!


Q: If you are not a hair stylist, what do you think you would be?


A: Most probably something still related to art. Not an art director, maybe an artist.



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