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Translation in English below:

Sunny has 30 years experience, established Salon B for 7 years , customers know what they want, even 2 mm cut makes a difference. 
internet booking was established in year 2012 
So customers can find salonB easily.

last 2 years customers use online booking more and more , as well as booking though handphone . 
Customers from overseas will always come back to Singapore to do their hair, so if they look really good when they are overseas, they will reflect SIngapore hairstyling standards. Sunny combines both Korean style and western cutting skills, when sunny first came to work in Singapore , she started off as a stylist, she was already popular in korea a stylist for mega stars like H.O.T, S.E.S ,Big Bang .

Sunny brought Louie from Korea, Louie is like Korean Oppa, has established many new customers here who like his style and in turn introduce friends or family to him. 

The Singapore weather is different and Custmer demands are different too , so by combining Korean & western cutting skills will help to cater to the local taste.

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