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Dennis Taeldeman

Education Trainer


Born and raised in Belgium, Dennis’s passion for the scissors started in his father’s landscape gardening company where his father instilled in him the value of hard work and the spirit of creativity.

After seeing his first hair show at Vidal Sassoon, he was astonished by the intricacies of hair design and has been stage-struck ever since.


He started his career as a hair stylist and realised that his passion lies in precision cutting with an artistic vision. Dennis relocated to London-UK where he pursued his career at one of the world leading hairdressing companies Vidal Sassoon. He was given the opportunity to train the apprentices giving him his first taste for education. In the following year, Dennis became a full-time educator at the Vidal Sassoon academy in London working with the best hair stylists in the world.

Mazella&Palmer witnessed the talent and potential in Dennis’ abilities and asked him to work for them; he saw the opportunity to broaden his skills. With Mazella&Palmer Dennis travelled different parts of the world as an educator doing seminars, in-salon education, lectures and photoshoots.


Dennis is proud of his Belgian heritage and the Antwerp cult status in the world of Design & Fashion. Antwerp had produced designers such as the Antwerp six’ due to the Royal Academy of Fine Art. Also designers and architects such as Mies Van Der Rohe, Marcel Breuer, Le Corbusier, Jean Prouve, etc…nurtured Dennis's passion for the art of architecture and furniture which all based on minimalism.


He views hair as an extension of art and these influential designers have nurtured his passion for design.

Throughout his career he has always sought to improve his technique and skills in the art of haircutting. He has developed his own unique and friendly style of education. Dennis hope to instil in any person he educates a solid understanding of hair design and a good technical base that can be used to create any style.

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